Nature Photographer
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I tryed to get my acknowledgement of photography on a self-learning way. It is nature photography that is the closest field to me with this activity. It is a special way of photography that requires in most of the cases special knowledge. .
These specialties were introduced me on a nature photography course lead by Sándor Zsila.
I live in Hungary, in Agárd and I take most of my pictures around Lake Velence. Although I have limited free time, I am luck to have opportunity quite frequent to visit the rich flora and fauna where I can always find some nice topics to take a shot.

Within nature photography it is the details that in Ia interested the most..
There are endless topics in the world of macro photography, although a well hidden scene of bird and wild game can be also a real adventure to me.
At present I am a member of Fényecset fotoclub,and the Székesfehérvári fotoclub.. My pictures were exhibited to public first in 1999.
My first exhibition was the Art Gallery of Gárdony and then in Agard. These were followed by some more single and co-exhibition in Székesfehérvár and Budapest.
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